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Solutions through innovation and partnership

Welcome to C3L Innovations

There are two sides to our business

The first is we have been working for a number of years now on developing base load renewable energy systems based around pyrolysis of biomass.
In remote areas, where the biomass can be sourced cost effectively, these systems can provide reliable, base load renewable energy at a cost lower than diesel.

The key to making these projects work is the supply of the biomass, and how that supply chain can be developed in a remote or regional area. This is the core strength of C3L.

The flow on opportunities for remote communities, agriculture and food production is enormous and we are passionate about finding the right people to work with to get this off the ground.

The other side to our business is remote area business development.

We work closely with remote and regional communities, Traditional Owner groups and Aboriginal companies to generate ideas through a deep understanding of what the projects need to succeed.

We then develop the business model, find the right delivery partners and finalise the financial modelling to enable an investment decision.
A big part of what we do is bringing the right people together.

If you’re interested in working with remote communities or have a project idea, perhaps we can help you achieve your goals too.

The C3L System

In order to ensure successful delivery of the C3L System with maximum benefits to the communities in which we work, the business models and strategies created by C3L focus on:


Creating shared value for the communities in which we operate


Maximising regional benefits through securing equity in the business for regional partners


Seeking innovative solutions to environmental problems


Increasing regional business capacity through knowledge transfer


Creating partnerships with technology and knowledge partners


Ensuring the businesses are sustainable in the long term, financially, environmentally and socially


Developing innovative business models


Are financially attractive to outside investors

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